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About Us
Three Generations of the Clot family prepare decorations.
Started by Bill Clot and carried on by his son Josh, the Clot Xmas display has delighted the sights of South Florida residents for nearly five decades.
The display has been featured on the nationally televised Today Show, CNN, USA Today, Telegraph UK, NBC6, Miami Herald, South Dade News Leader and many more. The home is also featured in the Holiday Lights book.
Video Links:
•   WFOR-TV Miami (view)
•   AP/Miami Herald (view)
•   CBS4 WFOR-TV Miami (view)
•   Travel Channel (air dates)

Some fun facts about the display:
  • Over 700,000 lights
  • Over 60,000 candy canes given to children who visit the site
  • 100+ custom made animated displays
  • 2,000+ feet of train tracks
  • Draws over 2,000 amps of current
  • Consumes approximately $4,000.00 in electricity monthly.
  • Takes approximately 15 days and 15 volunteers to assemble

    We would like to thank the volunteers who helped make this years display possible:
    David, Sean, Trevor, Tommy, Matthew, Darrin, Rocco, Kevin, Joshua, Francis, Ryan, Alex, Jacob, Rachel, Lizy, Greg, Kevin, Janelle, Gina and Mike.

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